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About The Forgiveness Project

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" Great information! Looking forward to emotionally healing. This was just what I needed to hear to get me started in the forgiveness process. I highly recommend this venue to anyone who has ever been hurt emotionally or physically. I learned how forgiveness will help me in my life. I always thought forgiveness was just letting someone else off the hook. Looking forward to the next event with Jon and Chris the Possibility Coaches.
~ Doreen L.
" It was a great teleseminar today, thank you! Very powerful, and helpful steps to begin the process of forgiveness." ~ Lisa M.
" Excellent teleseminar today! Very moving, and definitely helped me to realize that it takes time, and that I DON'T have to wake up one day and be ready to forgive all at once!"
~ Liz C.
" Thank you so very much for what you all do! Teleseminars like this are invaluable in giving me guidance, hope and the strength to face the future." ~Asher M. 

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On behalf of The Forgiveness Team,
we welcome you to the website for
The Forgiveness Project Free Teleseminar.

The intent of The Forgiveness Project Teleseminar is to illu
strate to the world the power of forgiveness as a healing mechanism for individuals, groups, nations and the world.

The purpose of The Forgiveness Project Teleseminar is to inform and educate the world about forgiveness by sharing a variety of wisdoms from diverse groups of individuals and forums.

*Our guests on this teleseminar include experts, visi
onaries and leaders in the field of forgiveness and the healing power of forgiveness. They represent a cross-section of people, cultures, religions and spirituality.  There is no right or wrong.  Some will resonate with you, others may not.  Some will validate what you already know and others may provide you with information that may be new and even radical.  Whatever their platform is, it must specifically and purposefully engage the power of forgiveness to assist others to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. We invite you to listen and learn from these experts as they share their own personal stories and provide us with guidance.

The Forgiveness Project is a “team effort,” and we want you to be part of the team!  To be part of the “forgiveness team” does not require anything special from you or anything specific in terms of personal experience or contribution.  All that is required of you is a willingness, if only slight, to be open to considering that forgiveness may be the solution to ending all suffering and pain for you and for the world.

Our emphasis is on sharing… the sharing of wisdom… insights… guidance… stories… and personal experiences.

Though we know that all healing emerges from forgiveness, we also know that there are many roads that can lead you to it.  That is the power of choice that each of us as human beings possesses. Our teleseminar provides you with an ongoing variety of choices you can make for yourself to begin the process of healing through forgiveness.

We know that by simply spreading a worthy, potent message, we can change the lives of people in a deep, profound way.  The final result is a re-alignment of the world’s energy and a re-directing of the destiny of the human race.

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*All of our guests have a right to their own beliefs and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of the hosts of this teleseminar.