​​The Forgiveness Project

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Jon Satin, MBA and Chris Pattay, BBA are The Possibility Coaches™. They are Master Success and Transformation Coaches with expertise in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, relationships, life challenges & transitions. Going beyond traditional coaching, Jon and Chris have guided individuals, couples and business owners since 2002 to create more success and happiness in their lives.  They provide unique insights that give clients the capacity to establish a powerful connection between mind, body and spirit.  They lead their clients to develop a new, positive perspective toward relationships & life by learning a new way of thinking and feeling.

Jon and Chris are authors of the highly acclaimed book:
"Living an Inspired, Empowered and Joy-filled Life: 365 Daily Tips to Get You There!"
and their soon to be released book:

“What Are You Waiting For:  Sound Advice for Being Happier Now!”



Jon Satin and Chris Pattay

The ability to forgive is the most powerful trait we possess as human beings.  It is easy to preach about forgiveness.  It is more challenging to put it into practice.  It requires tremendous due-diligence to forgive whether it is our soul mate, a family member, friend, co-worker or a so-called “enemy.”

We do not forgive others for their own sake…we forgive them for our own sake.  Forgiving does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean that we have given the message that what someone did was appropriate.

Forgiveness means you have “emotionally” let go of the anger, rage or guilt towards someone or toward yourself.  This requires a process of emotional releasing and healing.  This process can be different from person to person.  The time it takes to heal also varies from person to person. Nevertheless, in the end, you will know you have forgiven when you can think of or be in the presence of the other person and feel real compassion for them.

To heal, we must forgive.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Why would anyone needlessly suffer? Such is the case for much of the world, for much of the world refuses to forgive.  Be open and willing  to commit and contribute to experiencing and sharing the power of forgiveness. 

Join us, even if you simply listen to the replays, because it has been said that the meeting of minds can literally move mountains and forever change the world!

Here’s to moving mountains and changing the world together!

Jon  & Chris